Mobile Data wasn’t a popular feature in its early days. It was either the slow speed internet or the high rates that kept many users away from it. Now, things have changed, almost every smartphone user is using mobile data to their advantage. The rates have come down while the speed has increased tenfold.

While 5G is just around the corner, there are many iPhone users who are still content with 3G. The reason why many people avoid 4G is the fact that it eats your data much quicker than 3G. no denying that 4G is much superior with its speed, but people who have limited data packages would much rather take longevity over speed. Therefore, these users still use 3G even with the 4G option available.

Now if you are an iPhone user who is a frequent mobile data user and wants longevity then you must know how to enable 3G on your iPhone. The process is quite similar to enabling mobile data. However, you will not be using the shortcut for enabling the mobile data (in Control Centre) if you wish to know whether you are using 4G or 3G. Here is how you can enable 3G on your iPhone.

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Tap on the option Mobile Data.

3. Toggle on the option Mobile Data; the first option on the list.

4. Now tap on the option Mobile Data Options just below the option Mobile Data.
tap on enable 4G

5. Next tap on the option Enable 4G.
tap on the option off

6. On your screen you will be able to see three options; Voice & Data, Data Only and Off.

7. Tap on the option Off.

8. Doing that will enable 3G instead of 4G on your iPhone.

Enabling 3G on iPhones that Support Voice Over LTE

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Tap on the option Cellular.

3. Now tap the option Cellular Data Options.

4. Next, locate the option Enable LTE. This would be the first option on your screen.

5. Toggle it off. It will automatically enable 3G.

Enabling 3G was as simple as that. 3G services will not stay for long as technological advancements are moving forward by leap and bounds. However, until they are here, every user who has a tight budget on data should use them instead of 4G. Moreover, if 3G starts slowing down too often, or doesn’t work properly then users can troubleshoot it through various ways. Some of them are:

  • Update iOS to the latest available version.
  • Hard/Soft reset iPhone.
  • Try resetting the Network Settings.
  • Enable Airplane mode for 5-10 minutes and disable it. It will improve speed.
  • Restore the iPhone.

Conclusively, 3G may not be the fastest service anymore, but it will still do the job for you. another advantage of using 3G is that it consumes far less battery than 4G LTE.